Mt View Sanitary District UV Disinfection Replacement Project

Construction of replacement of the existing Ultraviolet Light (UV) disinfection equipment, including demolition of the existing UV disinfection equipment and installation of new UV disinfection equipment, removal of the existing bridge crane and support structure and installation of new bridge crane and support structure, channel structural modifications, demolition of existing canopy and installation of new canopies, demolition of existing electrical power and distribution equipment, installation of new electrical power distribution equipment, installation of new process control instrumentation, replacement of existing UV channel and Diversion Box A slide gates with new slide gates, demolition of existing Bank Cleaning Basin Blower and installation of new Bank Cleaning Basin Blower, Bank Cleaning Basin modifications, installation of new emergency eye/face wash and shower equipment, demolition of existing Class 3 Water Reuse pump station and installation of new Class 3 Water Reuse pump station and hydropneumatic tank, installation of new bank drop area, repair and reconstruction of existing improvements affected by the Work, and incidentals for complete and usable facility.
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